Competition Analytics: from Research to Unique Strategy

Analysis of competitor environment of a commercial center is a necessary part in the process of expert development of an object management concept.


Event-Marketing as an Effective Method Of Struggle For A Customer

As visiting a shopping center has long moved beyond the frames of practical tasks connected with the need to buy these or those goods event-marketing tools acquire more practical importance and demand.


Opening of a Renovated Food Court in the Commercial Center “Malibu”

Food court renovation is finished at the commercial center Malibu. Festive opening will be held on July 7th. Visitors of the center will be able to enjoy dishes of popular cuisines of the world!

Put an Arrow: Krasnoyarsk Mastered Floor Navigation

There are more than a dozen of large modern commercial centers. Shopping center At Svobodny has appeared among the first ones and continues to set new trends at the regional market of commercial realty.

Spring Educational Children Events at the Commercial Center “At Svobodny”

“Funny Saturdays” is a joint project of the commercial center “At Svobodny” and the interactive museum “Newton Park” aimed at development of communicative skills of children and adults and their mental outlook. Meetings were held every Saturday at 2 p.m. Entering was free.

Holding Master Classes at Commercial Centers

Master classes are not only educational classes but also an opportunity to spend time in the company with people, be charged with positive mood and acquire necessary skills. These events always leave lots of positive emotions with children and their parents.

Food Court is a Necessary Part of a Modern Shopping and Entertainment Center

The shopping and entertainment center “Malibu” in Lipetsk is getting ready for food court zone reconstruction. The works are to be finished by June 1st when renovated and widened food court of the center will open its doors for the visitors. Why is it important? Why should a commercial center pay greater attention to food services, make reconstruction putting its back and money into repairs?

While Opening a Commercial Center in Crisis Developers Aim Mostly at its Location

Today trading function takes a back seat, attractive forms of pastime move forward. Samara took the first place among Russian megacities in provision with shopping space per person in the rating formed by the international consulting company Colliers International. 600 square meters of shopping space accounts for every 1000 inhabitants in the city. The second place takes Saint Petersburg, the third one takes Yekaterinburg.

How to Choose the Right Management Company?

It is not an easy task to choose a management company. Simple questions which you can ask the personnel of a management company will help you not to make a mistake.

Good Mood of a Child Rests in the Hands of Children Club Park House

Events for children always bring plenty of joy and positive emotions not only to children but also to their parents. Children watch performances with animators, take part in different games and drawings, learn painting, communicating and have their time giving some rest to their parents.

Preserving Image and Status

What is more important for a commercial center at the present market situation: preserve fill rate of shopping space by all means or stand by the chosen concept and formed image? Mall “Park House” demonstrates with certainty that it can develop without going into any extremes.

Event-Marketing in a Commercial Center: Emotions to a Buyer, Benefit to Lessees!

Event-marketing is a powerful tool of the whole marketing strategy of a commercial center management. Sales increase by efforts of the management company Calpton at an example of Tula commercial centers Sarafan and Demidovsky.

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