Leasing rooms for shops and offices

Leasing space in commercial centers

Leasing rooms for shops and offices

Management company Calpton offers leasing space for shops and offices in commercial centers. Each object managed by Calpton has its own marketing strategy which is unique and specific for the given region.

The main aim of object promotion in every location of the company is ultimate focus on demands, tastes and preferences of city dwellers. As a result management policy in each commercial center is characterized by flexibility and delicate reaction to the changing market and actual demand of consumers. Calpton specialists cooperate with professional brokers in terms of development of lessees’ pool and leasing of vacant commercial spaces. Our partners are the most famous companies in the field of brokerage in the country.

Specialists of our company also render full juridical support at all stages from lessee’s search to signature of a leasing contract and its following maintenance.

Our leasing offers of commercial objects in Samara, Lipetsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tula.


Our Mission

Our specialists are intended for maximum work efficiency. Our global mission can be considered as creation of comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all our lessees and visitors of the objects.

Our Interaction

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