About us

About us

The Calpton company staff has had a professional experience in interaction with business representatives and lessees of different commercial spaces since 2002. The company was created in 2006 and for the last 10 years has proved itself as a dynamically developing organization expanding its presence at the market and proving high qualification of its specialists.

At the moment the Calpton company fulfills complex management of realty objects in the segment of commercial centers, office buildings and street-retail objects.

Our Services

The focus of the specialists of the management company is as follows:

  • Development of lessees’ pool;
  • Commercial space leasing;
  • Full development of accounting in accordance with current requirements and norms;
  • Control of lessees’ activities and commercial component of each object;
  • Strategic planning for each object and periodical analysis of the process;
  • Object promotion and realization of advertising projects as well as many other aspects that guarantee high-quality and long life of any commercial realty object
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Our Objects

The company website represents five objects managed by Calpton specialists in detail but in reality the number of managed by the company large-size commercial realty objects is bigger. Location of our objects is quite vast and includes Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Samara and other cities. Well-defined system of cooperation of regional company branches with the head office has long been perfected, is successfully operating and doesn’t stumble. Calpton specialists succeed in business communication, hold common video conferences and meetings regularly regardless large “network” size and long distances between different regions.

Our Mission

All our regional representatives are combined by ambition to develop the company, its every partner and employee. Our specialists are intended for maximum work efficiency. Our global mission can be considered as creation of comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all our lessees and visitors of objects.

Our Contacts

Calpton, LLC

Of. 4.08, 81a Moskovskoe shosse str., Samara, Samara region

+7 (846) 279 51 85